PM Browne to participate in Global Citizen Forum on Taking Action for our Oceans


May 31, 2021

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – 27th May, 2021…….Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne will later today join world renowned entrepreneurs and philanthropists participating in a Global Citizen Forum focusing on actions to be taken to protect the world’s oceans.

Global Citizenship: Coast to Coast – Taking Action for our Oceans is expected to underline the critical role that global citizenship plays in building key partnerships to push the environmental agenda forward and create sustainable framework for the vitality of oceans, and ultimately secure the future of the world.

The webinar will also feature Dr. Deborah Brosnan, Founder of Deborah Brosnan and Associates; John Paul Dejoria, Global Entrepreneur and philanthropist; Drew Richardson, President and CEO PADI Worldwide; and Armand Arton, Founder of Global Citizen Forum.

“What divides us, is also what connects us. Water is the foundation of all life on Earth and makes up over 70% of this blue planet. Regulating climate, preserving biodiversity, generating vast productivity, and modulating the carbon dioxide cycle – our oceans support and sustain every living species on the planet. We simply cannot survive without healthy oceans,” organizers of the forum pointed out.

It was also highlighted that the climate crisis is pushing our oceans and biodiversity to the edge. While Ecosystems teeter on the brink of extinction, human communities suffer the consequences – climate change exacerbates conflict, suffering, and contributes to the global refugee crisis.

Armand Arton outlined that the world is at the cross-road. “Our models for sustaining oceans and people are not working. A sustainable future requires us to think and act differently, and to come together, forging alliances in a new model of Global Citizenship. Our efforts must unite science and technology with governance, philanthropy, and business in dialogue and actions that will truly transform our world, generating abundance and equity,” Arton concluded.

Prime Minister Browne said that he is looking forward to the forum as there will be a major announcement that will see the alignment of science, business, philanthropy, government and community in the creation of solutions that are transferable, scalable, and can be deployed to other nations that urgently need ocean solutions that are workable and affordable.

The webinar will commence at 12 Noon Eastern Time, today May 27.  Journalists and interested citizens can register at the following:


Prime Minister Gaston Browne with John Paul Dijoria and Mrs. Dijoria and Dr. Deborah Brosnan on a recent trip to Barbuda.