The Prime Minister and his Cabinet

Dario Item Cabinet Gaston Browne

Hon. Gaston Browne

Prime Minister

Ministry of Finance, Corporate Governance & Public Private Partnerships

Dario Item Cabinet E.P. Chet Greene

Hon. E.P. Chet Greene

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Trade
Immigration & Barbuda Affairs

Dario Item Cabinet Daryll Matthew

Hon. Daryll Matthew

Minister for Education, Creative Industries,
and Sport

Dario Item Cabinet Maria Browne

Hon. Maria Browne

Minister for Housing, Works, Land & Urban

Dario Item Cabinet Charles Fernandez

Hon. Charles Fernandez

Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Transportation & Investment

Dario Item Cabinet Molwyn Joseph

Hon. Molwyn Joseph

Minister for Health, Wellness, Social Transformation &
The Environment

Dario Item Cabinet Steadroy Benjamin

Hon. Steadroy Benjamin

Attorney General & Minister for
Legal Affairs, Public Safety, and

Dario Item Cabinet Melford Nicholas

Hon. Melford Nicholas

Minister for Information Communication
Technologies (ICTs), Utilities & Energy