Antigua and Barbuda and Serbia abolish visa requirements.


Mar 15, 2023

Washington, DC, March 14…. The Antigua and Barbuda passport was strengthened internationally on Friday, March 10 when Ambassadors of Antigua and Barbuda and the Republic of Serbia signed an agreement in Washington, DC, on behalf of their governments, abolishing visa requirements for their citizens.

The Agreement was negotiated and signed between Ambassador Sir Ronald Sanders, representing Antigua and Barbuda, and Ambassador Marko Djuric on behalf of the Republic of Serbia.

Ambassador Sanders remarked that, ”with the signing of the Agreement with Serbia, citizens of Antigua and Barbuda now have visa-free access to more than 162 nations, making the Antigua and Barbuda passport one of the strongest in the world”. He added, that “both tourism to, and investment in, Antigua and Barbuda are enhanced by making access for visits easier for up to 90 days a year without a visa”.

Ambassador Djuric described the Agreement as “another step in further strengthening the friendship and cooperation between Serbia and Antigua and Barbuda”. Students from Antigua and Barbuda already benefit from scholarships to study in Serbia, and the two countries have pledged to examine ways in which they could be helpful to each other, including through co-operation in tacking global issues such as economic consequences of the Russian war on Ukraine.

The two Ambassadors agreed to meet regularly to explore deeper economic cooperation between the two states in the interests of their peoples.

Phot shows (left to Right) Joy-Dee Davis (DCM Antigua and Barbuda Embassy) Ambassadors Sir Ronald Sanders and Mr. Mrarko Djuric, and Veljko Piljak (Counsellor, Serbia Embassy)